• Dr. Hollie Levine

We Are In This Together

Hello We Are Health family and friends!

This week has been chaotic and please know that you are not alone, we are all in this together. The unknowns feel scary but naturopathic protocols have been getting people through viral epidemics since the flu epidemic of 1918. We will continue using the best of our medicine and following new guidelines that encourage us to stay home or remain at a distance of 6 feet from others when going out.

All of us are making radical adjustments to our lives, so here is what We Are Health is doing in the name of both safety and support:

1. Starting today we will be offering video tele-health appointments for medical consults and counseling. This will allow you to get the care you need while remaining safe at home. Here is information for using our video conferencing software Zoom, and you can contact us with any questions.

2. NAET treatments will become self-treatments at home. I will check in with you through tele-health and then you can come to the clinic to pick up the vials you will need. We will have instructions available as to how to treat yourself at home.

3. If you are experiencing economic hardship because of this viral pandemic, I am offering my services for $75. Please remember though, small businesses such as ours are also struggling during this time, and if you are not being affected we would appreciate our normal fee.

4. Taking care of yourself and your loved ones is very important. If you do develop a fever, please do not take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to decrease your temperature. Fever is the body’s immune system kicking into gear. Celebrate your fever! Go to bed and sweat it out with lots of hydration. I also encourage you to add constitutional hydrotherapy treatments and we are including a link for instructions. This treatment has been shown to significantly increase the activity of your white blood cells, which fight viruses and bacteria.

We have updated our anti-viral protocol, and if you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email: 360-738-8087

5. Here is information for stimulating balancing points, which will both support your immune system and help you stay calm and balanced. We are planning to make a video demonstrating this within the next day or so, so watch our website for new content, but for now you can use the instruction sheet.

We will continue to stay in touch with you with whatever helpful information we can send along. Please stay in contact with us and with each other.

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