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The Magic of Energetic Bodywork

Dr. Milad Meamarian, ND

There are wonderful energetic techniques such as craniosacral therapy that can help with recovery from injury and illness. They can also help build exercise endurance, support ease of digestion and decrease pain from physical activity. These therapies are excellent tools to support greater overall health and well-being.

These therapies work directly with your central nervous system (CNS) The CNS makes sure that all the different body parts are communicating well. Nearly every body part is connected to the CNS and relies on it to coordinate our physical actions and physical functions, such as digestion, blood flow and our ability to rest and recover. When the CNS becomes imbalanced we develop issues like chronic stress response, high blood pressure and difficulty with digestion and sleep. All of these issues respond well to energetic body therapies.

Dr. Milad Meamarian has been using craniosacral therapy since 2011 and other energetic techniques since 2003 to promote greater calm, balance and health for patients of all kinds. He is seeing patients now at We Are Health and will soon be credentialed with several major insurance companies. Call or stop by to make an appointment and see if this gentle approach to symptom relief and greater fitness is right for you!

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