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Naturally Happy

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Dr. Milad Meamarian, ND

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for children and animals to be happy? They don't need much to enjoy themselves—a stick or other simple object can provide hours of enjoyment. Often, just having someone else with whom to play is more than enough. Happiness is not something to aspire to—it is a natural state of being. Children and animals don't spend time thinking about how to achieve happiness; it comes easily and naturally to them. This is the way it’s supposed to be.

As we grow up in this world, we receive all sorts of messages about what will give us real happiness. We look to the external world for something that’s already within us, for something that’s as natural as breathing. Our mind is powerful; it can cause us to lose touch with our own innate potential. There are all sorts of misinterpretations and misinformation that can affect us on the mental level, which in turn affects our ability to stay in touch with our true selves.

Because everyone has their own unique path and responses to what happens in life, each person will have different issues that keep them from experiencing a natural state of contentment and happiness. To return to this state, we need to look at the individual reasons for losing touch with ourselves. This takes insight and the ability to listen to what is really going on inside us, not just what the world tells us the issue is. If we knew what was keeping us from being happy, we would already be experiencing it on a regular basis!

When we have difficulty accurately seeing our own problems and limitations, we often need to get out of our own heads. To find a deeper intelligence within yourself, try finding a quiet space, breathing into your belly, and just letting whatever truth is there reveal itself to you. Listen to your gut; there is a truth hidden in old sayings such as this that can get lost through constant repetition. You will know the truth by its ability to direct you to answers that change a situation for the better. Those answers will assist you in going back to the way you felt before, when you automatically knew how to be happy most of the time.

Life is not always perfect, but we can meet it with greater resilience and ease when we are functioning the way we were designed to. And when we have difficulty getting out of our own heads, we can always turn to someone who knows how to do it for a little assistance.

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