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Anti-Viral Protocols

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Winter is always virus season, but obviously this winter is different because there are concerns about the novel corona virus, COVID-19. We have a viral protocol that we use for flus and colds, and we have expanded it to meet these current concerns.

Protective protocol

· Vitamin C: 1gm (1000mg) adults and kids

· Vitamin D: 5000 IU adults; 2,000 IU kids

· Zinc tablets or lozenges: 30mg adults; 15 mg kids

· Flew Away**: 2 caps 2 times per day for adults; 1 cap 2 times per day for kids

· Throat and Gland Spray**: 5 sprays before going out and when coming back home

· Cod Liver Oil: 1 Tbs per day adults; 1 tsp per day kids

· Handwashing and 6 ft social distancing

· Foods with zinc, iodine, and selenium: Brazil nuts and seaweed (nori, wakame, dulse, kombu, spirulina, and chlorella)

Acute Illness protocol

· Do Not Go Out!

· Vitamin C: 6gm (6000mg) in divided doses for adults; 3000mg in divided doses for kids

· Vitamin D: 5000-7000 IU adults and kids

· Zinc tablets or lozenges: 30mg adults and kids

· Flew Away**: 2 caps 3 times per day

· Throat and Gland Spray**: 5 sprays every three hours

· Rest & Relax: read a book, watch a movie, etc.

· Keep hydrated with water, tea, and soup broths

· Avoid alcohol and sugar. Both of these decrease immune function

Everyone: Close your eyes and breathe slowly into your belly for two minutes.

We will get through this!

Online Dispensary

Fullscript will ship items directly to you without coming to the office. We can send you a link or there is one on our website. You can find these items and more in our Anti-Viral Protocol favorites list.

**Flew Away and Throat and Gland Spray are products by Natura. They are in high demand, and may be back-ordered. If this happens, follow the similar products link to find another choice.

Elderberry Syrup is a good alternative for Flew Away.

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