Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine has been around for over a century.  It’s practitioners have always believed in the healing power of the body and of nature.  Over time, the simple but effective treatments have evolved into some of the most cutting edge approaches in medicine, drawing from research on the immune system, the brain and nervous system, human development, and nutrition.  A Naturopathic approach to healing considers both the body and mind, lifestyle issues such as diet and stress, an the impact of the environment on health.


During your consult, our doctors listen to you, to your story, and look at all the information you bring in.  We do a physical exam, which typically includes examination of the tongue and pulses on both wrists. We frequently use muscle testing with vials to determine which essential nutrients you are absorbing, and which ones you are not.  We also assess immune challenges, both from within your body and from external environmental factors. And finally we evaluate the impact of life stressors on you.  With these various sources of information we can form a complete picture of the challenges you are facing, and the kinds of treatment you will need to guide you back to health.