It can take courage to ask for help.  But life can be challenging and you shouldn’t have to figure it out by yourself.  Here are some good reasons to reach out…

  • you’re in a crisis or have hit a wall

  • anxiety is getting the better of you

  • repetitive, self critical thoughts are affecting you in big or small ways

  • your relationships with family, friends, or significant other are often conflictual

  • you feel unhappy or even depressed

  • you want something different in life but don’t know how to get there

  • anger and/or frustration are showing up frequently

  • it seems like nothing ever works out for you

  • some aspect of your life is stressing you out

  • you simply want support and help.

What Dr. Levine offers: 

  • compassionate listening

  • a safe space to experience your feelings and express what is true for you

  • teaching you how to locate stored stress in your body and how to release it

  • help in reframing problems so you can approach them with a fresh perspective

  • techniques to actively move hurt, fear and anger out of your mind and body

  • problem solving together with you

  • a natural medicine dispensary to aid your healing process

  • support in discovering you..the beauty of who you are and what you want.