Cleanse Programs

We Are Health offers personalized cleanse programs. Typically 3 weeks long, our gentle but powerful cleanse targets both physical toxins and old emotional baggage.

The dietary component involves simple fresh foods, juices, and cleansing drinks.

Every day participants do movement or exercise, skin brushing, and cleansing baths or castor oil packs, and hydrotherapies. Once a week you check in with your doctor.

Our program also includes taking a flower essence formula tailored to your emotional needs, journal writing, and belly breathing to increase body-mind awareness.

Why is cleansing a good idea?

Toxins come from our water, food, and air.  We are surrounded by toxic chemicals, pesticides, and molds.  When we are exposed to more than our kidneys and liver can break down and eliminate, then toxins accumulate and are stored throughout our bodies.

By eating simply and cleanly, inducing sweating through exercise and saunas,  doing skin brushing, hydrotherapies and sleeping well, the body releases toxic debris through the proper channels of elimination.

And the results can be spectacular! A clear mind and energetic body. A decrease or resolution of pain and inflammation. Weight loss. Healthy looking skin. Balanced blood sugar. And in general, a greater sense of emotional and physical well being.