Community NAET Clinic

Our Community NAET Clinic is not accepting new patients at this time.

At We Are Health we believe in health care accessibility.  Our contribution is to offer inexpensive, very effective treatments for food and environmental allergies and sensitivities called NAET. 


The first appointment includes a basic physical exam, and muscle testing to determine the following: which nutrients your body is and is not absorbing; whether your stomach acid and digestive enzymes are functioning; how well you are digesting important food groups such as proteins, grains, sugars; and finally, determining what are your specific foods and environmental allergies.


Nutrients, digestion and food groups are the building blocks of the immune system, and must be treated before specific food and environmental allergens. 


The first appointment to evaluate and muscle test is $49 and all subsequent treatments are $39.  All appointments are a half hour. 

Frequently, two allergens can be treated in one visit.


Our low cost Community NAET Clinic treats only food and environmental allergies and sensitivities. It does not offer an evaluation or treatment of any other health problems.